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Our sample department is a separate team than the production department, we operate on different cycles so that we won’t interfere each other during the busy production and development season. Sample department consist of Main Sample-knitter, Assistant Sample-knitter, Sample-linker, and Sample Hand-finisher.

Development process will require: Yarns, techpack, and approval of swatches.

Swatch for approval can be done in one day. We will need swatch approval before proceeding to actual sampling. Once the swatch is approved, we will need to check our calendar as to where we stand at the time. From there, client will be given a start-to-completion date for sampling. First round of prototypes for about 6-8 styles typically takes about 2-3 weeks from the start day. Same process for correction/duplication cycle, where we need to check our schedule at the time again and give you another start-to-completion date.


Being domestic and small-sized factory, our domestic price is naturally higher and incomparable with overseas price. Lead time for production is 10-12 weeks after the assigned start date.

We’ve got many compliments for opening up the factory for Product Development only, because for volume-driven labels, this will help eliminate a lot of production problems when it involves thousands of units being wrong. We’ve repaired many problem pieces for other labels who are not even our regular clients.

Either way, of course you are more than welcome to use us as your product development facility from proto - salesman samples. Most domestic factories will not do this because they all want huge production. But for PDR, we thrive to deliver the quality, not quantity. 


PDR is an abbreviation of Production, Development, and Resources. We not only open our door for Development and Production, but also for designs, technical designs, fashion development, fashion marketing, and resources consultations. 

We have established a close working relationships with major Italian yarn mills, such as Lineapiu, IGEA, Filmar, Loro Piana, Carriagi, Millefili, Filati Biagioli, Papi Fabio, Filpucci, Filartex, Pollone, Be.Mi.Va., Filitaly, Lanificio Dell'Olivo, Pollone, Lanecardate, Toscano, Ecafil, Filclass, Monticolor, Botto Poala, Chiavazza, Zegna Baruffa, Emil Cotoni, Pecci Filati, Ferrari Cotonifico, and Cofil.

Non-Italian yarns we have in our library are: Kyoritsu (Japan), Sato Seni (Japan), Kyoto-tex (Japan) , Consinee (China), Topline (China), Michell (Peru), IncaTops (Peru). 


Catering to mostly the luxury and high-end fashion industry, PDR Knitting offers sample development and production services, all done in-house in our Los Angeles facility. Our creative staff are skilled artisans who have more than 20 years of experience in creating knitwear and creative textile arts. 


Photo courtesy of Baja East

Photo courtesy of Baja East

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